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GSM Base Logger Site Display

GSM Base Logger Product Comparison

Function Description Lite Standard Profesional
Pricing. Free On Request On Request
Maximum number of sites 1 10 / 20 / 30 127
Log received SMS's to CSV file YYY
Log received Base-log SMS's to Database NYY
Log received SMS's to Database NYY
Log transmitted SMS's to Database NYY
Log system events to Database NYY
Send digital output control SMS's YYY
Send analog output control SMS's NNY
Send manually entered SMS's NNY
Automatic polling of sites YYY
Selection of polling types NYY
Triggered SMS's display in pop-up YYY
Number SMS triggers 1 4 8
Scada system modbus interface NNY
Scada system notification interface NNY
GSM modem type selection NNY
Graphical user interface YYY
Security functions YYY

System Requirements

The GSM Server requires the following minimum hardware and software installed to operate successfully. See the list below for the requirements:

Equipment Description
Processor 1.8 Gig or better
Screen size Super VGA True Coulor (32bit) 1024 x 768
Serial Port GSM Modem interface 9600,n,8,1
Memory 500 meg or better
Harddisk Space 3 GB or better
Operating System Make Windows XP or later
Operating System Type 32 bit only
Dot Net Framework Version 3.5 SP1 or later installed