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CJH Junction

In memory of Casper Jan Hendrik van Zyl who started the set in 1958.

Scale Calculations Screen

Scale Calculator

The scale converter calculates measurements to and from a real value to a scale value using the selected scale. The sizes section is used to convert between metric and imperial measurements.
Incline Calculations Screen

Incline Calculator

The incline calculator uses the run length of track and the rise height to calculate the incline persentage of the track.
Scale Speed Calculations Screen

Scale Speed Calculator

The scale speed calculator uses time over distance and the selected scale to calculate the speed of the trains. When implementing a fast clock the multiplier can be selected from x1 to x10 for the calculation.
Wire Size Selector Screen

Wire Size Selector

The wire size selector assists in the selection of the correct wire thickness to minimize the voltage drop to the engine when running at speed.
Electronic Calculations Screen

Electronic Calculator

The electronic calculator is used for the calculation of voltages, currents, resistance and power values found in the layout.